Thursday, 3 January 2013

Outfit of the Day: The AA Disco Pants

The famous American Apparel Discosssssss. I know they are certainly not everyones cup of tea, especially the way I have style them, but I have worn them frequently and thought if I am going to blog about them, I want to give my viewers/ readers a different look to view.

A LOT of YouTubers have these pants... but in 'real' life I am yet to have a friend or see someone on a night out in the same pair of trousers... and since everyone in the blogosphere styled them with a lace black body and a pair of JC Litas I decided to give you something different.

I am a glamour girl, and rarely sport the geek, grunge minimal make up look and trust me... I am no convert, but on a Sunday I like to wear minimal make up to let my skin 'breathe' (it doesn't actually, i hate this terminology!) and give my lashes a break. In this video I am wearing concealer, brow marker and lip balm... cray cray. I cannot provide full detailed links of where you can purchase all of my items shown in the video as a lot are no where near recent, but I have given similar alternatives to help you replicate the look.

Where to get it? Links provided.
Topshop Tribal Jumper SIMILAR
Topshop Cropped Top
American Apparel Disco Pants
Topshop Boots
Topshop Geek Glasses
Topshop Owl Pendant
Topshop Bangle SIMILAR
Casio Vintage Gold Watch

Would you rock the AA Discos? How do you style them?

Liz x