Tuesday, 28 August 2012

These Past Seven Days (8)

Last week was pretty eventful! I spent the week working, gyming and eating. in the words of Geordie Shore #standard.

Here's some shots I took on my iPhone to sum up my week.

1. The Plymouth Wheel
2. French manicure time
3. Paleo oatmeal (recipe below!)
4. Giant bed!
5. Rose gold obsession (H&M rocks!)
6. Workout of the day
7. Starry B'z Friday treat
8. Winnie visits The Fisher's

I hope you all had a great week! What did you get up to?

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Part- Time Paleo (2)


I love Friday nights. My work week is done and I am excited for me weekend ahead, this one especially because its a Bank Holiday (skips with Joy!). On Friday night I decided to do some food prep to get me back on the paleo track.

The one food item I am missing the most is my porridge/ oatmeal breakfast, so when I saw TuesdaysMom (Instagram) posted a snap of a Paleo Oatmeal I had to try it.

On Friday night I chose to make my own apple sauce as I had a lot of apples on the way out and did not fancy scouring the supermarket for unsweetened stuff. I googled away and found a very simple 'how-to' recipe.

1. Core and Quarter 4-6 small apples of your choice
2. Boil in 2 cups of water for ten minutes (skin will wrinkle, apples will soften)
3. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon and vanilla extract to your softened apples
4. Return to the heat, and gently simmer (lid off) for a further thirty minutes.
5. Mash or food process the mixture, et voila!
6. Store the apple sauce in the fridge, add to yogurt, ice cream, scrambled eggs or make my No-Oatmeal!

No-Oatmeal Breakfast (see what I did there?!)

Basic Ingredients- measurements can vary depending on consistency, taste you prefer.
Unsweetened Apple Sauce (4 tablespoons)
Almond Butter (1-2 tablespoons)
Unsweetened Almond/ Coconut Milk (1-2 tablespoons)

My creative additions- try any fruit/ nut/ seed combo you like.
Half a Banana
Handful of Pecans
Sprinkle of Cinnamon

1. Heat on low all the basic ingredients above until binded seamlessly.
2. Poor into your breakfast bowl and sprinkle with creative additions.
3. Consume.

Picture from Instagram LizFish1

Now give yourself and pat on the back for staying committed and living a healthy lifestyle! What are my fellow Paleo Warriors eating today??

Liz xxx

Now give yourself a tap on the back for staying focused and living a healthy lifestyle! Hope you enjoyed this post! What are my fellow 'Paleo Warriors' eating today??

Liz xxx

Monday, 20 August 2012

NOTD: Classic French Manicure

I'm not typically a French Mani lover, ruined by WAG's in the late nought-ies, I fell out of love with this classic, neat design. After a recent rekindling with the French Pedi a week ago, I decided to treat the talons.

This look is great for work, special events and when you are flabbergasted by the sheer amount of varnishes in your collection.

To create my perfect French, I use the following- Seche Vite retain base coat, OPI Bubble Bath, Salon Systems White Polish and Seche Vite Top Coat.

What do you think? Tres chic OR WAG- tastic?

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Part- Time Paleo (1)

I have not written a 'lifestyle' post in a long time.. So here goes!

A few months back, I saw the Reebok Crossfit ad on telly and coerced the boyf into researching how we could get involved. After finding our closest Crossfit Affiliate and completing our fundamentals program, I can definitely say, we are both hooked! It's an amazing way of training, but better still the entire ethos or community of this 'competitive fitness' program is unparalleled.

So after scouring the internet and watching the Crossfit Games I wanted to learn more about the Paleo diet. I am an ex-carb queen and have been a fan in the past of going low-carb prior to 'bikini reveal' on my annual holiday to Portugal to 'lean up' aka lose of bit of flubber.

The Paleo diet, as I understand it, is a diet consisting of Meat, Veg, Nuts, Seeds, little Fruit, NO Sugar, and NO Starch.

This seemed super daunting back in May, but once I stopped thinking about what I couldn't have, common phrase, "I can't have that, its not on the list" and started broadening my horizons about all the things I can enjoy, I learnt that you can create super tasty, healthy recipes in a flash without 100's of ingredients.

This is the 'food list' I try to follow 80% of the time- Paleo Food List

That being said, I found Breakfast one of the hardest meals to adapt from 'Carb Queen' to 'Paleo Warrior'. Insert my first Paleo recipe- 'The Fake French'. This recipe is far from original, its a slightly adapted recipe from the amazing Livin Paleo

Small Apple- core, cut into little pieces and peel if you can be bothered (i didn't)
2 Free Range Eggs
1/2 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk
1 tsp Agave Nectar
1/2 tsp Cinnamon
1/2 Nutmeg

How to-
Cut up apple and heat in a pan
Add eggs and milk
Drizzle with honey
Chow Down!!!

This recipe is totally adaptable- use coconut milk, vanilla, bananas... GET CREATIVE! Now take a look a my tasty breakfast!

from my Instagram (lizfish1)
Hope you enjoyed this post! What are my fellow 'Paleo Warriors' eating today??

Liz x

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Magik Mud

I love mud masks! Even as my skin gets slightly dryer as I age (terrifying I know!), I still love the deep cleansing and skin purifying action of clay masks.

My current weekly mask treat comes from Dead Sea Spa. I trained in this brand at University and fell in live with their company ethos. The Dead Sea Spa Epsom-like salts are amazing in. Hot bath before bed, but my favourite product from them is the Mud Mask.

I cleanse my skin thoroughly and once a week apply a thick layer of this musk all over my skin. I let it work it's "Magik" (see what I did there?) until fully dry, then runs with warm water and facial sponges.

Et voila! Clear, clean, clarified skin.

I purchased the Dead Sea Spa Magik Mud Mask from Holland and Barrett. The mask retails for £7.99 for 75mls and contains active ingredients like Harmonised waterTM, dead sea mud, kaolin and glycerin.

What's your favourite mud/ clay mask?

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Essie Summer 2012 Mini Collection

Yes... I'm harping on about this again (I originally wrote about it on my payday wish list post!).

Now, I love the shades- but the longevity of Essie varnishes sucks on my nails. Now matter what I do, I am guaranteed chips by day 2, and this is not acceptable. I always am faithful to my Seche Vite bad and top coat, so let me know whether you have more luck with differing base and top coats.

Now onto the good stuff! I adore these summer time soft shades. They paint on like a dream- smooth, creamy and opaque. My favourite of all is Bikini So Teeny, a beautiful cornflower blue, but the hot pink of Off The Shoulder is a close second.

What do you think of Bikini So Teeny!? How do you find the lasting power of Essie varnishes? Let me know!

This mini 4 set retails for approx £12.00 and I purchased mine from Bentalls department store.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Bourjois Magic Nail Varnish Remover

This is an absolute life saver. Monday morning, and my nail varnish which I hastily applied on Saturday might has chipped *BEAUTY DISASTER*.

Thankfully I spotted this in my lunch time pilgrimage to Superdrug.

It works like a dream, and at £4.99 it's a small price to pay to keep your grooming reputation in tact.