Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Nail Galactic!

Good evening readers!

Tonight's post.... Nail art!

I decided to give the galaxy nail design a whirl.... I was inspired after watching Andrea Choice's Vid on You Tube, and seeing LLYMLRS blog post on the beauties!!!

So I watched this You Tube tutorial by CutePolish and then quickly...(it literally took 10 mins!) created this look on my talons before going out to a friends housewarming/ bbq on saturday night!


You will need-

Nail Dotting Tool
A corner of a make up/ cleaning sponge
Base/ Top Coat
Black varnish
White varnish
Yellow varnish
Peach/ Orange varnish
Navy Varnish
Glitter varnish- a varnish with varying sized chunks of glitter is preferable but not essential!

Now we paint!
1. apply a Base Coat to create a smooth surface and prevent nail staining. 
2. One coat of black (or two or three, whatever your heart desires!)
3. Pick up a schmidgen of white varnish on the sponge, holding the sponge in your tweezers and sponge on the nail in a random/ hap- hazard stripe to resemble a nebula.
4. Build on the nebula type design using the yellow, peach and navy....
5. You can use the dotting tool and the white varnish to carefully dot the varnish  in a random design to resemble larger stars
6. Apply a coat of glitter varnish
7. Finish off with your fave top coat to seal in the colour!

Eh Voila!

Good luck ladies!

Let me know if you try this nail look!

Lots of love,

Liz xxxx

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Technicolour Dream Cookie!

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are well, and are having a good bank holiday weekend!

Last weekend me and the Mother played with the new toy... She only went and got a Kitchen Aid!!!!


Sooo... we decided to test it out! My Mum made devils food cake cupcakes with a coconut frosting and I made M&M mini cookies... But I have renamed them Technicolour Dream Cookies!!!! How good is that name!!!! *pats self on back* ;)

Enjoy our baking extravaganza in pictures...

Below are my Mummys yummy cupcakes... Picture- wize the glitter on the chocolate cupcake frosting doesnt really come across very well... but in person they are gorge!

Mummy's devil food cake cupcakes with coconut frosting... Don't you think she should have her own bog?! Comment below!!!

What to bake next week girls???? Let me know!!!

Lots of Love,


Sunday, 21 August 2011

My Havaianas Flip Flop Collection

Hi Readers,

Sorry I have not posted in a while- but sometimes I need a break from all types of social media, to restore my hunger and passion for it. My previous post is an oldy, which apologies but i drafted up and forgot to post!!! Oopsy...

SO here I am... Today I would like you to feast your eyes on my Havaianas Flip Flop collection. These are by far my favourite type and style of flip flop. The colour range, price and comfortability of these flips flops beat all others hands down and this is evident in the sheer number I have aquired of the years- not to mention the two pairs which have gone to flip flop heaven....

The only other 2 pairs of flip flops I own are a classic pair of navy abercrombie and fitch flip flops and gold sequin fit flops, which I think we all agree are in the ugly and practical category!!!

Beholdddddd pair one, Orange Classic Havainas... please excuse the dirt- this is infact encrusted sand from my recent hols :)

These were purchased from the Algarve Shopping centre in Portugal from a Sports store... Yes I NEEDED a bright coloured pair, and Orange accentuates a tan :)

Second pair is my beautiful golden pair, again they are original Havaianas and they great with a nautical bikini and gold accessories! Ahoy There! ;)

Next up buttercups is my bronze/ green patterned pair that are slim Havaianas. Below is a picture of them on their own, so you can see the cute design on the flip flop and one on my tootsies so you can see the difference in thong width of the slims compared to the originals!

These bad boys are also slim Havainas, and these are my favourite print- the silver feather design combined with pink and green accents is soooo pretty- i love to rock these with a plain maxi and feather costume jewellery!

Now.... these are a hybrid of the two styles of flip flop previously mentioned... They look like flip flops on acid, and combine the original Havaianas thong width with the slim print on the base of the flop... These were purchased from the shoe mecca that is Century 21 in NYC!!!!

Hope you enjoyed that post allllll about Havaianas..... 

Now tell me- do I need any more pairs to add to my collection???? I am lusting over the Missoni Havaiana collaboration..... But £60 for a flip flop!!!! For a piece of plastic rubber!!!!!! hmmmmm...

Maybe ;)


My Hair Care

Hi Everyone,

Soooooo recently I have had some lovely, amazing, fabulous comments about the niceness of hair...

I pondered for hours..... well seconds ;)..... as to what this sudden influx of comments could be caused by....

Firstly, I knew it wasn't anything to do with the style of my hair. This has been the same for a few years now, and has not had it cut since december '10, due to lack of funds and my hair dresser retiring!

Secondly, I also know that it is not down to any new styling tools... To style my hair I use 2 different hot tools- A blow dryer (this is a remington compact ionic hair dryer D4410) and hair straighteners (classic GHD's)...

So the reason for my new hair fabulosity must be my hair care UNITEHAIR!!!

A whole range of products were given to me, by the lovely ladies at Babelfish PR, and by the time you read this I will have finished both my shampoo, conditioner and travel size 7 seconds leave in treatment!

 I can honestly say people have noticed a difference to the look of my hair. I find it difficult to notice these changes, as I presume others do- I look and style my hair everyday and it takes someone who you haven't seen in a while to spot the difference. 

Right onto the products!!!!! I have created a YouTube video, talking to my subbies about all of the products I use on my hair, and mini reviews on each discussing why I like them and how I use them...
Here's the link to that video-

But here is the rundown-
First of all, let me start by saying- all of the UNITEHAIR care products are free from sulphates, parabens, gluten, sodium chloride, DEA (diethanolamine, a chemical that is used as a wetting agent in shampoos) and MEA (. They are also vegan and colour safe! 


Cleanse- Volumizing Shampoo £15.85

Condition and Treat- Volumizing Conditioner £17.90 and 7Seconds Conditioner £14.80

Style- Lazer Straight £14.80, Boosta Spray £14.80

Finish- Tricky- Lite £18.90

All of these gorgeous products are available in numerous salons in the US, Canada, UK and exclusively online at www.beautique.com