Monday, 16 December 2013

My Rimmel Lip Liner collection video WITH demos :)

Saturday, 7 December 2013

November GlossyBox 2013: Wishlist Edition

So, it’s been a while since my last Glossybox* and first impressions are AMAZE! Thoroughly enjoying the newly improved Glossy mini mag and its matching product info card. A million miles better than the newspaper style paper pamphlet AND it still remains as informative as ever.

Now, lets get down to the nitty gritty- what’s actually inside the box?


Yves Rocher: Cocoa and Raspberry Moisturising Hand Cream (full size in box)
£1.95 for 75mls available at
Errrrr BARGAIN! A little goes a long way with this hand cream- I tend to be overzealous and squeeze out wayyyy to much. But, even when I do the product still sinks in beautifully and does not leave my hands feeling super slippery and greasy. AND the smell is sooo good- bit jel that other ladies got to sample the cocoa and pistachio ( I LOVE nutty scents!) but this is a firm desk drawer fave.

Elegant Touch Nail Polish Remover Pads
£2.03 for 20 pads available at
Not bad, not my fave method of nail varnish removal so I’m on the fence about this one. Hands down THE best removal method for ‘on the go’ is the Bourjois magic nail thingy ma-jiggy. Don’t get me wrong- it works fine, but it leaves your hands mega slimy and would need a good wash afterwards. On the plus side it contains vitamin E which should counteract the dryness induced by the acetone. J

Connock London Fragrance 
Single sample included, more details at
Who? Never heard of Connock fragrances- sample I got smells of granny. Bit peeved that other subscribers to the box have featured a B. complete long lasting nail polish, but the box is kindly sent to me for review so no complaints here. Although… if I was a paying subscriber and did my homework, read blog posts and saw that others got a full size nail polish it would grate on me. Agree? Too harsh?

Vichy Idealia Life Serum (3 samples in box)
£29.50 for 30mls available at
Now Vichy is a brand I like. I struggle to test serums to the max as I would ideally like to use them of an evening and unfortunately I have to use my acne treatment at night. It does feel good though! The look of it reminds me of MACs strobe liquid- it has the same pearlescent appeal which will give your skin an extra little something instantaneously. Does it make you appear younger, healthier and more rested like it claims? Not convinced, but I think it would take more than 3 little samples to prove the long term benefits.

Emite Make Up Micronized Eye Shadow- Nect
£16.80 for 1.48g available at
Hadn’t heard of Emite before this Glossy- so I took to Google to have a peruse. The brand looks very interesting- I wouldn’t say that this sample eye shadow shows off the brand to its full effect- the Swedish company contains some divine looking products made by artists for artists. The colour I received Nect will be perfect for highlighting which I do daily. Winner. 

What do you think of this months Glossy? Super pumped for some of their new bits coming in 2014. Check out twitter trend #glossyboxdinner and check out the latest goss from Bloggers like @Really Ree J