Friday, 31 May 2013

Here, There, Errywhere

You Don't Know Where You're Going, Until You Know Where You've Been.

Sorry for my lack of posts of late. With the pox, new job and going on hols next week, little LizFish1 has been busy!!!

I have a haul video filmed, edited and ready to go- BUT it is 20 mins long. This means that it will take an age to upload (all HD baby!) and as I leave for Portugal at 3.30am (INSANE!) tomorrow morning and am out ce soir this may not be poss.

I will however promise to take many a pic (when I am clothed, NO beach shots!) of the fam and I in the glorious Algarve and possible try to convince my bro to do 'The Sibling Tag'. He is unfortunately younger and cooler than me, so he may not agree- but I will lay the pressure on thick.

Also I have tweeted and such like that I have a new job which I am loving so far- the new team are lovely and I can't wait to get stuck in! This does however mean I am quite exhausted of an evening and coinciding that with trying to put the time in at the gym to lose my 'chicken pox induced fluff' AND the fact I am trying to organise a wedding in four months has been proving tricky.

I do promise normal scheduling will resume soon- Pinky Swear.

Hope you all had a great May, isn't the year flying by? Are you holidaying anywhere soon?

Liz xxx