Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Draw My Life!

Hi Guys!!!

Sooooo... I was tagged by the beautz Erica from EricaFae on YouTube to do the 'Draw My Life' tag. I was a tad apprehensive TBH- reasons why below.

1. I cannot draw- which is crucial to the success and/ or enjoyment of the video.
2. I do not wish to spread negativity or touch on too many deeply personal times in my life- which when compared to others, mine may seem to gloss over or just not even mention tough of 'touching' subject areas. 

That being said I have divulged a LOT- and this whole process of sitting down and drawing pivotal points in your life has really made me appreciate what is important, and that is honestly- as CRINGE as it may be, is the health and happiness of my loved ones!

I hope you enjoyed this tag video and if you have any others that you would like me to film, please leave a comment below and I will add it to my ever growing 'to do' list. Video wise- this is getting particularly long at the moment and that is purely because I have chicken pox at the mo. In fact, I have had them for 10 days now and have signed off of work for a further few. 

BUT- strangely enough I don't that feel too bad, I finished my week of antiviral meds yesterday so I feel a lot better! Hope to be no contagious and back to wearing make up very soon. Thank you for all your well wishes on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Lots of Love, 

Liz. xxx