Thursday, 7 February 2013

Nutty- Locks

Forget Goldilocks and her bears, I've got Nutty- Locks!

Macadamia Natural Oil Products* 
Blurry- Locks
Muggy Shot, Nutty Locks...

Shiny Locks 
Star Product! Macadamia Healing Oil Spray*

 What do Macademia say???

"Macadamia Natural Oil™ products meld the lightweight and nutrient-rich properties of Macadamia nut and Argan seed oils to revitalize even the most problem hair, nourishing from root to tip for effortless health and beauty."

What does LizFish say???

A fantastic little travel set to get you started on your hair oil journey! Sound a bit too philosophical? Lets get down to the nitty gritty. 

Each Luxury Travel Set contains:
  1. 100ml Rejuvenating Shampoo- it cleans, but doesn't deep cleanse. NOT for the oily haired teen. 
  2. 60ml Moisturizing Rinse- light conditioner, leaving your hurr soft and yet not weighed down.
  3. 100ml Deep Repair Masque- not tested as of yet, don't want to overload my barnet- BUT word on the bblogger street is, it's good :)
  4. 30ml Healing Oil Treatment- my star product of the travel set. Smells way better and is lighter in consistency than its arch enemy Morrocan Oil. 
  5. 60ml Nourishing Leave-In Cream- i get a tad overzealous with this stuff. Its shoots out the tube and I end using more than the recommended pea size amount. Hasn't done me any harm though.
  6. Healing Oil Infused Comb- don't get this? not necessary in my opinion... a comb infused with oil? sounds like mumbo jumbo to me and I DO NOT recommend combing hair when wet- when your hair shaft is fully swollen with water it is at its weakest. 
  7. Travel bag- cute, but this shall be tossed afterwards. I have a much better range of wash bags stuffed in my beauty trunk, trust me. 

All that for £45??? Yeah, alright it is on the pricey side, BUT it does contain a sizable amount of high quality Argan and Macadamia oils for your pennies. 

What do you think of the Oil hair craze? Are you in? I AM, did you see the pictures above??? My hair is super soft, shiny and the frizz factor is definitely on the decline. 

Buy your travel set HERE

Liz xxx