Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Nail Galactic!

Good evening readers!

Tonight's post.... Nail art!

I decided to give the galaxy nail design a whirl.... I was inspired after watching Andrea Choice's Vid on You Tube, and seeing LLYMLRS blog post on the beauties!!!

So I watched this You Tube tutorial by CutePolish and then quickly...(it literally took 10 mins!) created this look on my talons before going out to a friends housewarming/ bbq on saturday night!


You will need-

Nail Dotting Tool
A corner of a make up/ cleaning sponge
Base/ Top Coat
Black varnish
White varnish
Yellow varnish
Peach/ Orange varnish
Navy Varnish
Glitter varnish- a varnish with varying sized chunks of glitter is preferable but not essential!

Now we paint!
1. apply a Base Coat to create a smooth surface and prevent nail staining. 
2. One coat of black (or two or three, whatever your heart desires!)
3. Pick up a schmidgen of white varnish on the sponge, holding the sponge in your tweezers and sponge on the nail in a random/ hap- hazard stripe to resemble a nebula.
4. Build on the nebula type design using the yellow, peach and navy....
5. You can use the dotting tool and the white varnish to carefully dot the varnish  in a random design to resemble larger stars
6. Apply a coat of glitter varnish
7. Finish off with your fave top coat to seal in the colour!

Eh Voila!

Good luck ladies!

Let me know if you try this nail look!

Lots of love,

Liz xxxx