Sunday, 21 August 2011

My Havaianas Flip Flop Collection

Hi Readers,

Sorry I have not posted in a while- but sometimes I need a break from all types of social media, to restore my hunger and passion for it. My previous post is an oldy, which apologies but i drafted up and forgot to post!!! Oopsy...

SO here I am... Today I would like you to feast your eyes on my Havaianas Flip Flop collection. These are by far my favourite type and style of flip flop. The colour range, price and comfortability of these flips flops beat all others hands down and this is evident in the sheer number I have aquired of the years- not to mention the two pairs which have gone to flip flop heaven....

The only other 2 pairs of flip flops I own are a classic pair of navy abercrombie and fitch flip flops and gold sequin fit flops, which I think we all agree are in the ugly and practical category!!!

Beholdddddd pair one, Orange Classic Havainas... please excuse the dirt- this is infact encrusted sand from my recent hols :)

These were purchased from the Algarve Shopping centre in Portugal from a Sports store... Yes I NEEDED a bright coloured pair, and Orange accentuates a tan :)

Second pair is my beautiful golden pair, again they are original Havaianas and they great with a nautical bikini and gold accessories! Ahoy There! ;)

Next up buttercups is my bronze/ green patterned pair that are slim Havaianas. Below is a picture of them on their own, so you can see the cute design on the flip flop and one on my tootsies so you can see the difference in thong width of the slims compared to the originals!

These bad boys are also slim Havainas, and these are my favourite print- the silver feather design combined with pink and green accents is soooo pretty- i love to rock these with a plain maxi and feather costume jewellery!

Now.... these are a hybrid of the two styles of flip flop previously mentioned... They look like flip flops on acid, and combine the original Havaianas thong width with the slim print on the base of the flop... These were purchased from the shoe mecca that is Century 21 in NYC!!!!

Hope you enjoyed that post allllll about Havaianas..... 

Now tell me- do I need any more pairs to add to my collection???? I am lusting over the Missoni Havaiana collaboration..... But £60 for a flip flop!!!! For a piece of plastic rubber!!!!!! hmmmmm...

Maybe ;)