Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Weekend Adventures

Hi Everyone,

Last Saturday the rents took me into town :)
My popz wanted to visit a very popular coffee shop Monmouth Coffee and then we mooched around Borough Market sampling home grown delights! 
Here is what I caught on camera-

Monmouth Coffee beans! (needless to say, we bought some!)

No, I did not indulge in Monmouth baked delights!

Latte art!

Mum and Popz enjoying an extra shot Latte and and extra shot white Americano

Monmouth shop front- Look a that queue! Well worth it though, and it moved super fast!

mmmmmm chocolato!

I want some!

I bought and consumed a walnut brownie.. sooo tasty!

How cute is this Cinnamon Elephant?!

It totally does! Pic seen in Paul Smith store.

My afternoon snack consisted of a Vanilla Rooibos tea and a vanilla creme doughnut from Neals Yard Dairy!

Hope you all enjoyed the picture heavy lifestyle post! I love reading blogs not only beauty/ fashion related, but getting to know the person behind the blog... and as I can waffle on, I decided to publish a non- wordy post!

What did you all do this weekend?

Liz x