Saturday, 14 May 2011

How to create a Salon Manicure at Home!

Hi Everyone,

On Tuesday I posted a video to my youtube channel (Lizfish1) on how to create a Salon worthy Manicure at home. This is something I do for myself around every two weeks as a little treat. It really helps keep your nails in condition, if like me you are addicted to varnishing your nails. If you would like to view this video please click play below-

You will need the following tools to complete your "at home" mani!

  • Hand Towel- use this to cover the surface you are working on, just in case you have any spills!
  • Nail Clippers- good quality, sharp nail scissors can save you a lot of time with filing.
  • Nail Scissors- these can be used to clip away and tidy any loose skin or hang nails you may have. Remember, you should not snip away at your cuticles, this could lead to infection.
  • Nail Cuticle Pusher- this tool shown in the video below can be used to gently push back overgrown cuticles and help remove unwanted skin from your nail plate.
  • Nail File- I prefer to use glass nail files, these can be easily sanitized and will last you forever, if cared for correctly.
  • White Block/ 3 Way Buffer- Lightly buffing the nails can help the appearance of ridges and smooth out the nail plate, making the nails appear healthier.
  • Cotton Pads- these are needed with the use of acetone to clean the nail of any dust or oils before painting.
  • Bowl of Hot Water and Hand Soap- soaking the nails and surrounding skin will soften the skin in that area and make the cuticle work a lot easier.
  • Hand Lotion- be sure to give yourself a lovely hand massage, as you would receive in the salon. A lot of tension is build up in the hands when at work, or playing sports so doing this loosen these muscles and also moisturise your skin.
  • Cuticle Oil- applying a cuticle oil will moisturise this area and make the nails appear healthy with a gorgeous natural shine.
  • Acetone Nail varnish remover- this is used alongside cotton pads to clean the nail of any dust or oils before painting.
  • Base and Top Coat- the base coat will help protect your natural nail bed from any colour transfer from your chosen varnish. The base coat also acts like a primer to your nail, helping to fill in any ridges before colour is applied. Top coat will lock in your nail varnish, give it a mirror like shine and give your nail lacquer longevity.
  • Nail Enamel- pick a colour and brand you love. Experiment and have fun with nail shades and designs!

Here is a picture of the finished result! Nail Varnish is OPI Done Out in Deco!

OPI Done Out in Deco

Thank you so much for reading and following my blog.
What is your favourite nail varnish???