Tuesday, 11 December 2012

These Past Seven Days (14)

This week has been a goodun'. I have got back into my training stride at the gym, lost the Canadian flubber that I gained whilst gorging on Nanaimo bars and Butter tarts AND had my work/ friends Xmas meal :)

For the work Xmas Meal I arranged for the office staff to dine at Jamies Italian. For £30 squid you got 3 courses, prosecco and a mince pie! What's not to like! Meat good, veg good, chocolate tart good... I sound like Joey from Friends when he tucked into Rachel's meat trifle ;)

Anywayyyyy then Mattie and I speeded off into Richmond to join a LOT of friends for after dinner drinks and MAJOR catch ups... I talked and laughed so much that we all promised to not let it be tooo long before another outing!

I also made some Christmas decs! The tree was looking a bit bare since myself and Matt ate all of the Lindt choc tree decs, SO I purchased a couple of Oranges and made the easiest thing possible. Slice the oranges about 1cm thick, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon and place dirrectly on the rack. Bake in the oven for a good couple hours on a super low temp (80-100C) until they've dried out. Poke some dec wire through and hang! The scent of pine and cinnamon orange is so nice to come home to, you need to do it!

And after all that, I am exhausted- done my house chores, worked out, written the chrimbo cards ready for posting next week and now I chill before a big Sunday roast round the Mothers.

Hope you all had a great week, check out my pics and see you in the next one.

Tree Love

My mug.. Wearing current fave lippie MAC Taupe

Sexy Jamie's 30min meal- Jafrezi Rump Steak and Veg :)

New YouTube Vids... did you see it?

MAC repurchases... Strobe cream and Patina E/S

NOTD- Its HAUTE chocolate... Get it??