Sunday, 18 November 2012

These Past Seven Days (12)

Okay... So the pics are actually from the past 14 days. I've been slacking on the social media front and for that I apologise. I did post a video on YouTube this week on my return from Vancouver... So if you are interested in seeing that, you can find it embedded in the post below.

This week I got back into the swing of things at work, in the gym and also recorded a major beauty haul, which I shall upload in the next couple if says. This weekend me and the Boyf travelled down to the Isle of Wight to see his in laws. The minute I get a whiff of the sea air I relax- I find being by the water so calming, I think this is why I love Olhos de Agua, Vancouver and the IOW so much.

Enjoy the pics kids, check you later.

Busy Bee Garden Centre on the IOW

Topshop Aviator OOTD on Instagram - username: LizFish1

Cute beach houses spotted on our Beach Walk in Bembridge IOW

Fur Cameo Neon pumps from The Gap ($30 CAN)

Beautiful Canadian Scenery taken on BC Ferries 

Cupcakes in downtown Vancouver- mines the mini... yeah right

Best coffee in Victoria- apologies for my mug sans make up!

Tigs and Holly from WestCoastDogs :)