Sunday, 12 February 2012

These Past Seven Days (1)

6th- 12th February 2012- My week in pictures... All seem to be food orientated... Oopsi :)

Valentines cupcakes I made for my Mummy's Birthday

Check out my Ugg footprints in the snow! I love the snow, but not the traffic that comes with it :(

A lovely work colleague turned 50 this week, so we celebrated with tea and cake on Friday afternoon

My mummy went on a chocolate decorating course, and this is what she made... they scream wedding cupcakes to me!

Quality control was essential...

I can conclude that they are safe to consume... and are darn tasty!

A little pre bedtime reading material

My uber healthy lunch to make me get rid of this cold! Roast chicken, carrots, beets, celery, orange and ginger mmm...
Hope everyone had a great week, apologies for only 1 You Tube vid this week, I am a tad under the weather.... Normal scheduling will resume imminently (i hope to film tomorrow!)

Here is whats coming up next week!

Valentines Gift Ideas for Guys and Girls
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Ideas on blog posts, you tube videos are welcomed!