Sunday, 12 June 2011

Weekend Adventures Part 2

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a good weekend... Once again here is my weekend in pictures- it was filled with coffee drinking and carb munching! Enjoy!

"brunch" at the Milkbah coffee shop in Soho- me and my pops ate so much toast and pb!

My mothers latte, showing off some lovely latte art!

The Milkbah shop front in Soho... This coffee shop has a very cool vibe... Loves it! 
Note- Me in the window reflection! soooo professional!

We purchased some coffee beans for at home grinding and espresso making- milkbah espresso and square mile blackburn state blend shown.

Ronnie Scott's- famous club/ bar.... my Dad made me take a pic!

Cox, Cookies and Cake- the wonderful blend of The Cake Boy (Eric Lanlard) and Patrick Cox dessert shop.


Please note- they look better than they taste- the cake was preeeeettttty stale and the icing was tooo sweet!

This nearly says LizFish!!!!! I was excited and feel the need to photo shop a little Z in there!!!! This is in fact the lovely Aldo Zilli restaurant, Soho.

Laduree- home of the famous macaroons!

Apple Market in Covent Garden

Next, we ventured to a Canadian/ South African and Australian food shop near covent garden- Cannot remember for the life of me what it was called..... but it was cute, and the selection of Canadian goods was alright! (My Mum is from Vancouver, BC)

I got an Eat More bar..... was stale..... no luck! :(

One large salted caramel Laduree macaroon.... I was forced to share shared this with my M&D

mmmmmmmm nom nom nom.... :)

Check out that Gun!!!!!

There you have it!!! Had a great day out in London with the fam... Hope you all enjoyed  this post!

What did you do this weekend???

Lots of Love,