Sunday, 19 January 2014

My Clay Time

I came, I clay, I conquered. 

Everything from the coffee, to the chat is perfect at The Clay Hair Salon and Spa.

Now I know i'm not a stylists ideal customer. I use heat everyday, far to much dry shampoo and only brave it for a cut quarterly. BUT that being said I am looked after from start to finish SO incredibly well, that they may just see me in eight weeks time (it'll be my bday after all). 
The salon excudes cool. And that fact that I just wrote that means, sadly I am not. Cool people, don't use the word cool. But when my 90 mins is up, I feel well on my way :) *don't cringe*
I was going to write a little piece here on my favourite part of the entire Clay experience. But I simply can't pick one. So, here's the list-

1. Awesome coffee. Non of that cafetiere shit, this stuff is good. Rich, hot and buzz worthy- comes with tasty biscuit too. 
2. Good magz. Major part in the salon experience. I don't want to spend £20 plus on luxury, fresh magazines- I want to glance through theirs for an hour. 
3. The cleansing, conditioning experience. The basins for which I rest my achey neck in, are actually comfortable. Did I mention the back massage feature on the salon chairs? Heaven. 
4. The chat. The stylists listen (i'm talking to Abby and Jack). Here's my criteria- I want a good chop, I want long hair, I want blunt ends, I want volume, I want layering, I want the biggest bounciest blow dry YOU HAVE EVER SEEN. What did I get? Just that. Nuff said. 
5. Luxury product. Recent stockists of cult beauty brand Oribe and O&M. They have not conformed to the L'Oreal massive- but have sort out to use to brands that stack up and do what they say on the tin. I do miss Unite which they used to stock, but i'll get over it. Have you tried the Oribe texturising spray? MAGICAL. 

And here's me mop. Three times over. If I have a haircut, I shall instagram.  

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Have you been Clay'd? You haven't?!!! GO. NOW. 

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