Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Knee Deep in the Deadlift.

New In: Reebok Knee Socks

So, I know I don't tend to chat much about my fitness life, but honestly it is HUGEly important to me.  I have a great passion for working out- its makes me feel strong, healthy and empowers me.

I have always been active- I went to stage school from the age of three and growing up I ventured into Karate, Swimming, Gymnastics, Cross Country, Athletics, Yoga- you name it I did it! 

But it wasn't until last year that I discovered Crossfit. When I first saw the Reebok commercials on UK tv, I said out loud to my Husband- "I wanna do THAT!". So we did :) We completed our fundamentals course at Crossfit Bold in Earlsfield and I have trained in a Crossfit way since then. My husband fell so in love with the sport that he is now a Crossfit Level 1 trainer and is the process of opening his own box. Awesome right?! 

Last week he visited the brand spanking new Reebok Fit Hub in Covent Garden and loved it.  He went along to chat to the Reebok team and I asked for him to fulfil one teeny tiny request. BUY ME 

Why you ask? because bruised shins are not sexy. 

Reebok Knee Sock RRP £8.00

Product Code: Z73705

Bad ass Unisex Knee Socks.
I love a good fitness purchase! Being a #fblogger means that my desire to look fierce in the gym is essential. And why the hell not?! Gone are the days where women would rock up to workout in their boys baggy tee and faded leggings. I want to feel good in my clobber, and more importantly it needs to be functional. Reebok Crossfit gear is just that- its designs move with your body and the fabric and colour choices allow to get a good bead on and still look good :) Its a win, win situash!

Shoes: Reebok Nano 2.0s, Socks: Reebok Knee Socks Z63764, Tanned and Tones Pins: Models Own. 

Reebok Knee Sock Delta Mono Sock Feapur/Cripur RRP £8.00
If you want to rock Reebok Knee Sock you can pick them up here. But might I recommend you pick up a girly shade? The hubs has already sported my black/ red ones :( 

Team them with your fave Nanos and then #getlifting :)