Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Are you Sure?

Life's little essential goes micro!

There are a fare few beauty must haves on my list, but my top priority is feeling clean and fresh ALL DAY LONG! 

Sometimes I muster up a bit of a funk (shock horror!)... Us working girls have to pack a lot into our week and sometimes this means getting a little heated! I have decided that I need to be Sure I smell good 24/7, so I've teamed up with Sure to put their new Sure Compressed* to the test!

Sure Compressed* Ultra Dry in Cotton

Their new range is now HALF the size of their trusty original, and I want to find out whether the efficacy of the little guy is a big and powerful as its older brother. I am going to go straight from my desk to the yoga studio and hope that after 60 minutes of downward dogs and sun salutations, I remain cotton fresh. 

The new formulation works with your movement to provide you with 17% better dryness, PLUS because it's only mini sized I can pack this in my Prada for bursts of freshness throughout the day! 

Sure Compressed* RRP £2.19 in stores now 
Sounds good right??? Well be Sure to check back here on my blog to found it how I smell after my Yoga challenge!!

Liz x