Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Part- Time Paleo (3)

When I started the part-time paleo plan it was the summer, it was slightly warm (I live in England!) and I was enthused by my imminent holiday and the unveiling of my bikini body.

Alas, now it is October- it's dark, heating is on and all I want to do is hibernate and carb up simultaneously. In my effort to not get too giggly in the cold winter months, I decided to come up with some comforting/ warming food stuffs.

So I made a curry. It was tasty. For the not so paleo Boyf, I just added brown wholegrain rice afterwards... Genius. Here's the list of ingredients and a pic of me dinner!

1. Brown onion
2. Add shredded cooked chicken thighs.
3. Add the masalas or a Patak's curry paste, but be careful to read the ingredients.
4. Add halved cherry tomatoes
5. Add spinach
6. Finish with half a can of coconut milk.
7. Hey presto! Awesome curry in minutes!

Hope you enjoyed that simple paleo recipe, sometimes the simplest meals are the tastiest! Think I'll try making a beef stew next?!